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Joomratty Overseas Education At A Glance

Joomratty Overseas Education (JOE) Co Ltd was established in January 2019. It is licensed by the Ministry of Education, Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research to recruit citizens of Mauritius for admission to overseas educational institutions and training institutions under the Licensing of Recruiting Agents for Overseas Educational and Training Institutions Act 2006 of Mauritius.

It is located on the 6th Floor, Max Tower Building, Jummah Mosque Street, Port Louis, the city center of the capital of Mauritius, and highly accessible to all.

In response to the evolving digital era, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seamlessly transitioned to a robust virtual platform. JOE is promoting its services online and is encouraging its clients to interact with them via emails, telephone calls and e-payment.


Our Vision

Our vision at Joomratty Overseas Education is to break down educational barriers and propel Mauritian learners into global spheres. We aim to empower, guide, and transform students into global citizens, using education as a bridge to unite cultures, foster understanding, and create a future without borders.

These are the core values we adhere to:


At Joomratty Overseas Education, commitment isn’t just a word, it’s a guiding principle. We pledge unwavering dedication to every student we serve, promising to support, inspire, and guide them on their journey to overseas education. Our commitment extends to facilitating holistic educational experiences that transcend borders and shape futures.


Respect forms the bedrock of our interactions at JOE. We honor the unique educational aspirations of each learner, acknowledging the diversity of their dreams and backgrounds. In our global learning community, every voice matters and every dream is respected. This culture of mutual respect propels us to deliver personalized services that align with each student’s unique vision.


Excellence is not just a goal, but our standard at JOE. Our quest for excellence propels us to provide top-notch services, ensuring that each student experiences a seamless, rewarding journey to overseas education. We partner with premier institutions around the globe, reflecting our dedication to achieving and sustaining educational excellence.


At JOE, accountability is at the heart of our operations. We take pride in our responsibility to shape the global educational journey of Mauritian students. We remain transparent, reliable, and ethical in our dealings, ensuring that our actions reflect our students’ trust.


Transformation is our aspiration at JOE. We believe that education is a transformative force, capable of empowering learners and reshaping societies. Our mission is to facilitate transformative experiences for our students, helping them evolve into global citizens who can influence, innovate, and inspire.

Ecological Thinking

As part of our commitment to a sustainable future, ecological thinking is embedded in our operations at JOE. We promote digital interactions to minimize our carbon footprint, and foster an understanding of global ecological issues within our learning community. Our goal is to cultivate globally-conscious citizens, prepared to champion ecological responsibility in their future endeavours.


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