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With a rich history in global educational pursuits, JOE provides Mauritian citizens with transformative opportunities to study overseas in Canada and Australia. These programs enhance academic growth, cultural understanding, and personal development.


Important Facts

JOE is licensed to recruit students for Canada and Australia.

All Canadian institutions to which applications have to be sent should be Designated Learning Institution and should have a DLI number.

All Australian institutions to which applications have to be sent should have a CRICOS code.

Recruitment Process

Prospective students either walk-in person or send an email for information.
The staff provides all information regarding (entry requirements, career opportunities, costs, etc.) to study abroad to him / her.
All fees to be explained to the prospective student for him / her decide whether his within his budget frame.
When the student takes his decision and decides to go ahead with JOE to represent / assist him / her in his applications, he/she needs to sign a contract indicating all terms and conditions during the period that the application process will last and until the student gets his/her study permit and travels abroad.
The staff gives a list of documents required to the student to enable him provide them when the application will be done.

Admission Process

Once the student provides all relevant documents (education documents, Birth Certificate, Passport), JOE proceeds with the application online and submits all documents and make payment for application for admission fees if applicable.
The educational institution will provide an automatic first reply that the application was received.
After a few weeks, the institution replies if the student has been accepted or not and if such is the case, the reason for rejecting the application is provided.
If the application is accepted, the student will need to make a payment for either the first semester tuition fees or a deposit on the tuition fees for the Letter of Acceptance to be issued; Some institutions can issue the Letter of Acceptance without asking for any fees to be paid.

Study Permit Application Process

Once the Letter of Acceptance is received, the next step is the study application process
For studies in Canada, M. Joomratty Law Group can represent the student and assist him with the preparation of the application for study permit with the Canadian High Commission
If the visa is refused, M. Joomratty Law Group can make appeal as Immigration Lawyers.


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